Monday, November 24, 2008

blue bites today...where's the ship?

Jared and I woke up to fly overs this morning!  I went out to see what was going on and saw four planes in a diamond formation going over the house.  Pop Gott went outside too and said it was the "Blue Angels" flying over and that they were probably doing winter training from Pensacola.  They flew over off and on all day and I was able to get some shots of them practicing.
I've been fascinated with fighting planes for awhile. Always when Daddy would hear them coming, he would go on the porch to look at them and I'd always try to make it out there with him before they flew out of my sight.  Daddy can usually identify the planes and I think that's always really cool.

After eating we went to Fort Morgan's pier to go fishing and crabbing.  Sadly we didn't catch anything but a hermit crab.  But I did get some good pictures of us fishing.  I've had to be a little more choosy in posting pics because it's taking longer than usual to post.  The below picture is my favorite one of Jared and I fishing today.  It's actually taken at the beach later this afternoon.

Believe it or not, the picture below is part of a ship that washed up on shore during Gustav.  The ship beneath the sand was supposed to be an old Cival War ship.  When we arrived we were quite disappointed that the city had covered the ship with sand.  We had seen such cool pictures on the internet! It turned out that having a washed up ship with metal things sticking out of it was dangerous.... thus the burial.  Our thought is 100 years from now some kid will dig it up and they'll make a big deal about finding an old ship in the sand! HA!

To close out, below is a picture of our beach house and our view off the porch towards the ocean.  You can see the ocean out some of the other windows a little better, but I like sitting on the porch.  It's been another good day.  Oh and since all my friends are blogging about Christmas cards... I made three tonight!  I'll try to post pictures of these later maybe :o)

The picture below is antiqued a little.  I'm trying to learn how to add cool coloring to my pictures.  I need some practice though.. :o)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Tonight we went to Lulu's to eat.  We weren't supposed to go there until Tuesday night, but some of us couldn't wait and we were all plesantly surprised when Pop Gott pulled into the restaurant.  I snapped a few pictures of the event because it was a really cool restaurant.  FYI: Jimmy Buffet's sister (Lulu) owns it.  It definately got a thumbs up from all of us...  We all had excellent food and there was even live music!!  

Afterwards we went to Wal-mart to pick some things up and Jared and I bought our first fishing pole!!  I can't wait to use it.  We are supposed to go crabbing maybe tomorrow and hopefully we'll get to take it out and try it then!  Enjoy the pics.  I'm on Jared's MAC so I don't have photoscape to collage everything this week.  

Below:  I Love Palm Trees!!
Below:  All the Gott siblings and me.
Above:  Me and my sis (Kara) being silly...

Below:  I've picked my souvenior! :o)  Where should I put it?

Surf n Turf

Sunday Afternoon...  Finally able to get out on the beach.  The water is cold, and it is cool outside, but it's very pleasant and we all had fun walking on the beach and looking for shells.  I found a sand crab exoskeleton.  I'll have to try to snap a picture of it later.  These two pictures on this post are from Eric's camera.  By the way, today I got my saltwater fishing license!  Now Jared and I will be able to go crabbing all week.  It's a new law in Alabama that you have to have a salt water license to do ANY kind of fishing.  That stinks because you have to pay for a license...  but I was excited to get a new license to do something!!  It's nice at the beach in November.  We are one of the only ones here at the Heritage Shores houses and it makes for a private beach (almost).  

Friday, November 21, 2008

Last Week

Wow this week has been so busy that I haven't even had time to blog or even look at my friends' blogs. Hopefully over Thanksgiving break I can keep up, but here are the updates I promised last week.

Last Thursday, 11-13-08 was Molly's Birthday. Molly is an admissions counselor like Jared and she is one of our friends. It was really nice to be invited to her sushi birthday party. Below are some pictures of the group that came. I'm missing 3 people that were there an hour or so earlier. I believe we should have groups that go to Sakura and in general hang out more often!! I loved hanging out with these people. The funniest thing that happened while we were there was that after Molly ordered this banana dessert, Sakura gave her a complimentary birthday dessert and it was the same banana stuff she ordered but without the ice cream! Lucky for the rest of us, she was full of that and we all were able to have some!

I also promised to post the pictures of Jared's wicked wreck. This happened during "Rev it Up" on Friday late morning after chapel. Here is before the wreck shots. Jared is very apprehensive about wrecking and hurting himself....

And here are a couple shots of the wreck... "Why worry, wrecking was the best part of the race!"

I really was worried about him. I was in shock at first because I couldn't believe he actually did wreck!! But after I saw him get up he was laughing and I knew he might be sore, but he'd be okay.

Here is a picture we took before the races (sorry it's out of order). The lion is our buddy, Joe Askew!

Saturday morning we drug ourselves out of bed to go see the clubs do "Pep It Up". It was FREEZING outside. Jared promised me a sausage biscuit from Jacks though so I was a little happier about standing outside in the cold.

The top picture above is of XBX. Jared was once President of XBX and now he's a sponser so we try to go to a lot of their activities. I will claim them too because when I was in school it seemed I had more dates with XBX then PKA guys!! Thus, I went to all their banquets and retreats!! Oh yeah, and I married Jared. : )

Below is MY club and family while at Freed. PKA!!

And the winners of Homecoming!!


I was happy Phi Kappa Alpha won. But I remember the days when it was really hard to win anything. My hope is that the club won't let winning go to their heads. Stay humble and proud at the same time guys. OTSS!!

The other noteable winner for this blog goes to the best Homecoming Window ever!! Designed by my brother in law and most special friend - Eric of Gott. Whoo-hoo go XBX for winning this!

And saving the best for last... my favorite part of homecoming is seeing friends and family.
Remembering the memories and good times....

Love you guys and all the other wonderful people I saw during homecoming!!

I hope you enjoyed this week's post. Come back next week and I will try to have posts of my Thanksgiving Break to Gulf Shores!! Fun in the Sun!!!

Happy weekend and upcoming Turkey days to all!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wicked wreck / Trouble with Keys

First off, Jared is lucky to be alive today.  He almost died.  Second off, I should not have keys of any kind.  Both parts of my blog today will be dealing with those topics.  Also, there will be no pictures because my camera cord was left at work and I don't have my magic keys...

Jared's wicked wreck (pics to come)
This year Jared was asked to drive the XBX soapbox car for "Rev it Up" in FHU's homecoming.  We joked and joked about how nervous he was and the possibility of a wreck.  I told him that if he wrecked I could take him to the hospital and maybe get the rest of the day off... "taking care" of him. 

Well my life seems to be like that Alanis Morissette (misspelled) song "Ironic".  
Ironically, Jared did wreck.  I stared in horror from the top of the hill as his car spun out, his tires flew off, and the car collapsed.  I held my breath and when I saw him smiling and getting up out of the wreckage, I knew he was okay.  

Luckily, he's just a little sore and everyone was very entertained.  I felt bad for XBX because they had such a neat looking car, but this is definately a "Rev it Up" that I will not soon forget.  Thank you Jared for always making my life entertaining.  Look for pictures to come, but not this weekend....

The trouble with Sasha and Keys...
First off, I should NEVER be in charge of keys.  Nevertheless for some reason I am.  I'm in charge of lots of keys and they all are important.  I think I realized I shouldn't have keys when I locked myself out of my car on one of mine and Jared's first dates.  We missed our movie because we had to wait for the locksmith to unlock my car.  Then there was the time that I locked my keys in the car in N. Jackson during an inservice.  And that time when I locked my keys in the car at Madison High School (one of the roughest parts in J-Town and my boss stayed with me until Jared came to rescue me).  Oh and that time - wait no that was Jared- we locked ourselves out of the house and Jared had to call our landlords to let us in.  And very recently, that time when I thought I lost the master key to the I.T. offices.  That was interesting - the Desk Monster in my new office ate it for about three weeks!  Due to my OCD of being organized I cleaned that out and the desk monster went to one of my co-worker's offices.  All that to say, today I have not one but TWO stories of missing keys.

First there was the missing Enterprise car key of one of my co-workers.  After searching our offices up and down (even our trash cans), sending out a faculty/staff e-mail to the ENTIRE campus, much stressing of me and many calls to Enterprise, we were finally notified that the mail person took the key that was in the sealed envelope labeled "Enterprise" off my door and somehow Student Services ended up with it.  How crazy was that??  No worries now that it's found, but good grief!

The second key episode:  I have a nervous tick sometimes.  Evidently in the hub-bub of trying to find the lost car keys I was fiddling with my key ring clasp that held my key fob...  I remember doing this... (oddly enough)  Anyway after coming home and realizing that I left my camera sync cord at the office, imagine my horror when I looked at my key chain and my precious fob was missing!!  And yes, I say precious because I've lorded the power of my special I.T. status several times over Jared.  So no pictures because only the special fobs swipe through the electronic dungeon after hours.... 

Luckily I know the fob is probably in my office or one of my co-workers' offices.  The floor locks down and so it is hopefully safe for now.  If I don't find it Monday, I'll have to cancel my little key fob and hopefully get my hands on a new one soon.  But no pics this weekend (sadness).

Look for pictures soon though.  I need to document Molly's birthday Sushi Party, "Rev It Up" and the rest of homecoming this weekend!  Please, Love, and Crabs! :o)  Have a good one!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Shopped till we dropped

This past weekend was the Gott's annual Christmas Village shopping extravaganza in Birmingham.  I don't have a picture of the enormous shopping area because that wasn't allowed, but it is an all day event bound to make your feet hurt every year if you look at everything!!  This year was a lot of fun and in between all the samples we ate we made a few purchases as well!  Jared, Kara, and I were like little kids, going from booth to booth and trying all the samples from the vendors.  The food is always my favorite part!  We were there from 10:00-4:00ish and we didn't even eat lunch because of all the samples we ate!!

After we finished Christmas Village we went to eat at "Wings".  This was very awkward because the Gott's are Auburn fans.  When we walked in the entire restaurant was full of Alabama fans watching the AL/LSU game!!  Kara had her Auburn sweatshirt on and I felt like we stuck out like a sore thumb!  It was definitely an experience watching everyone get so excited at every little thing Alabama did well or LSU did bad.  We just smiled and laughed at all the hub-bub that went on around us.  (We were the only table that didn't stand up and cheer, clap, or give high-fives every few minutes!)  Smile and nod, smile and nod... poor Kara she got a few stares...

After that we went to the Galleria (mall) to walk around.  The gals decided that we'd like to make Build-a-Bears and the guys agreed that we could make the animals but we'd have to wait on the clothes until another time.  So the above picture is me, Mom Gott (Kim), and Kara with our animals (Floppy, Pookie, and Twilight).  That was a very memorable time and fun moment shared!  :)

The final picture is of Me and Jared before we went into Christmas Village.  I wanted a picture of everyone else, but Mom Gott didn't want to take one because Eric wasn't there.
Sadness - Eric was being responsible and painting XBX's window for Homecoming this week.  If you're in town and drive by check it out!  In my opinion it's the best!! :)  I'll try to get pics of homecoming stuff throughout the week.  I'm hoping that my brother gets to come over from Harding and enjoy the festivities with us!  Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crabits Get a New 'Tat!

My crabits below get a new 'tat. This is a picture of them waiting on Jared to finish their new crabitat. They get a new home because their old one busted when Jared was cleaning it out. The crabs, Mika, Larry, Curly, and Lucy (from left to right) are very excited about their new home. They've been in a smaller tank for over a week!! It's really cramped their crabby style!
I've had my hermit crabs for over a year now! They've gone through many molts and most of them have grown more than twice their original size! Next is a picture of their new crabitat that Jared designed. They live in a crabby paradise!
Stay tuned for more of my Crabit updates. They are very funny to watch. You'd be surprised to know that they each have little attitudes!

Pretty Tree

I love my window in my office. I absolutely love to look at this tree. I've watched it change so many colors within the last few weeks. When we went back to standard time I noticed a little before 5:00 p.m. that it would be almost a red color! Today has been rather windy and I've seen the leaves falling outside. It is so pretty!

When I see how beautiful everything is around me, I am thankful to God for giving us "fall" and making the leaves change such vibrant colors!

I don't wanna grow up...

My two mushabellies that I promised I'd post on here. At left is "Grumbles" Pig - a very well loved and cared for member of the family. At right is "Barry" Polar Bear - from Leslie that I bought at our Yard Sale!!! These animals have a grumble (or pooting) noise when you squeeze them. Barry is a newer version though and when you press his left hand he sings "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". Grumbles Pig has lost his (pooting noise)... very sad. I think I squeezed him too much, plus he's been washed!

One thing that's sorta cool about these guys is they have a website sorta like Webkinz. It isn't as advanced, but it's still kind of fun. As for me, I don't care as much about the website. My favorite things about them are how cute they are, the grumble noise, and I think they make perfect tummy pillows! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Sticker Today... Sad.

 Jared and I went to go vote this morning.  I was very excited because this was my first time to vote as a resident of Tennessee!  We waited patiently in line for about 30 minutes.  I told Jared I was a little nervous that we were doing this electronically, because I didn't know how to work the machines.  Jared assured me that someone would show me how.  Sure enough, a nice lady showed me how to vote. She walked me completely through the process.  After the first 5 seconds, I understood but I patiently waited for her to show me everything I would need to know to cast my ballot correctly.  Next thing I knew, I was done!  Whoopee!!! I VOTED!  Republican of course =o)

The only sad thing about this whole process was that I was expecting to get an "I Voted" sticker!  I was pretty sad that I didn't get one.  I always received a sticker back home when I voted.  I even purposely passed up early voting just so I could get my sticker today and wear it on my shirt.  Oh well, maybe next time.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

7:00 a.m. Saturday Morning.  EARLY FOR THE GOTTS!!  We had a 6 family yard sale today.  It was a little chilly, but overall it was a beautiful day for a yard sale.  Jared and I made a little money and had a lot of fun with friends.  This is a picture of our sale.  

I was so excited when I found another Mushabelly stuffed animal!  Thanks to Leslie, I'm the proud owner of two very cute Mushabellies!  "Grumbles" pig who was my first and favorite Mushabelly from Jared.  And "Barry" who is a Christmas Polar Bear from Leslie.  "One person's junk is another person's treasure!"  I was so excited!  It was a successful yard sale just because I found that! I'll have to post a picture later since I'm babbling on about a silly stuffed animal.

Sandy and Maria.  (Notice the ugly cat Maria had)  This was the neighbor's cat that we tried to sell.  Ashley even put a price tag on its head!

Me and Ashley.  Freezing and enjoying hot cocoa!  Let it be noted that the girls were outside while the boys stayed inside and watched youtube videos! HA! :0)  The guys did play a big part in entertaining kiddos and Chad cleaned the house for Sandy.  Very cool!

Later that afternoon we drove down to Hamilton, AL to attend XBX's Fall Retreat.  We had a lot of fun.  This is a picture of Jared doing the annual "STARE" at the Talent Show.  After the bonfire we went to the hotel to thaw out for a few hours before getting up and going to the Hamilton Church of Christ for a school visit.  The congregation there was really nice and the lesson was good.  I look forward to going back.  All in all it was a fun and exhausting weekend!!