Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reminiscing Pictures

Bittersweet:  I sold my very first digital camera in Sandy's yard sale.  It was an ancient little thing.  Pretty powerful in its hay-day (when i was in high school!!)  I saved a few pics and put some of them in a slideshow of when I was at Freed.  My how times flies!!  Most of the pictures I have from college were not digital because my digital batteries would always run down and I just got tired of that and bought a regular camera.  These are a FEW of the many pictures I took while at FHU.

Please know that the "d" on "Saved" in my slideshow header didn't show up.  I guess it was too wordy...

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Time to Post a Few Missed Events

It's been a busy time at the Gott house.  We've been waiting to close on the yellow house.  First we were told, maybe we'd close LAST Thursday.  Then it was for sure Wednesday, for sure Thursday, most likely Friday, probably Monday, and now hopefully early next week!!  The waiting game is hard for us... (like it's easy for anyone else!)  On the bright side, I suppose it's been a good learning experience...  Keeps our expectations low, I guess.  And gives us a lesson in patience.  We know we will get the house, it's just a matter of when.  We should hopefully close next week.  Please say a little prayer that we do; we are suppose to be out of the apartment by the first.  I have a husband, a realtor, and two managers at the loan office pushing our gal along.  Hopefully she won't make anymore mistakes (she's made a lot!!)  Oh, and hopefully I don't get so upset that I decide to call her.  Jared has been handling these matters.  He's a lot calmer than me.  (For that I'm ever so grateful.)

And so now I have time to post the Events that I've meant to post earlier, but didn't...
First Event:

Bobby May's Benefit Brunch...

From Collages
Click on photo to enlarge

Jared and I sponsored a table and had some of our friends and coworkers sit with us at this event.  Bobby was one of my friends my first year and a half at Freed.  We were both in Phi Kappa Alpha together and shared some fun times.  Bobby died in a car wreck on his way home before Christmas in 2002.  Bobby was a great guy with a big heart and an amazing voice.  He was in the Ambassadors (a vocal group at Freed) and now there is a  scholarship in his name that raises money for them.  I'm happy that I was asked to be part of raising money for this year's event.

Makin' Music '09

From Collages
Click on picture to enlarge

Who's who in this from Left to Right:
*Brother in Law was a black in white character in XBX's show!!  
*The crew plus me who came from Gasden, AL to watch the show.  (Jared is missing because he was doing XBX's tunnel talk!)
*My alma mater club, PKA!!! And my cousin Justin was a wizard!
*The winning Makin' Music show!!  Whoo-hoo XBX!! (Let it be known that I will always be part red, BUT I am also biased to XBX since the Gotts are purple and gold)

Extra note that we just learned:  Eric (brother in law) earned a spot as a XBX Makin' Music director for '10!!  "Huzzah!!"

I Love Old Main...

The lighting for my favorite building on campus was just right.  If only I had snapped the tree and not its shadow!!

My Crabs Had a Growth Spurt!

They are so big now that I don't really handle them anymore... :o(

Lads to Leaders '09

From Collages
Click on pictures to enlarge

This year was our first year to attend the Lads to Leaders in Nashville.  We attend this event because Jared needs to be there for his job.  During the weekend he sees TONS of prospective students.  I get to go and tag along - what a perk!!

We stayed in the Opryland Hotel and were lucky enough to get a suite sized room!!  Literally it was HUGE!!  The Great Oaks congregation, out of Memphis was staying in the next room.  Ohh, how I love King Sized beds!!  I want one some day.  :o)  The scenery at this hotel is A-MAZ-ING!!  If you've never been, GO!!  Also, eat at Wasabi's!!!  We ate there TWICE!! :o)
The second time our friend, Frank paid..  

Other Noteworthy Tidbits:
Nemo and Sunshine - the guppies - kicked the bucket.  Ohh and one of the neons that we didn't find for days died also.  Actually the neon sorta decomposed.  I new he was missing but was so busy packing I didn't bother to look until I smelt him... Then I asked Jared to look.  Oh, Brave hubby who's nose doesn't work well... you can handle any smell!

At the yellow house, the Irises are just blooming.  I love that there are already flowers and plants in the yard.  I'll try to get a picture of stuff soon.

And the apartment is a disaster zone!  I will definitely update you on that process once we're outta here!!  A documentary, if anyone cares to look at it.  (I know my following is small)

So that's that.

Oh wait - a snapshot of me and Jared at the CrowHop Concert tonight.  We saw Eric Hutchinson perform.  I tried to take pictures but my little digital camera is just not powerful enough for me to post what it took!!  (I'll save it the embarrassment!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lil' Prince Likes Apples

 Aughhhh!!  Anything to keep a teething baby amused.  This is what I came up with for the next 10 minutes or so...

Lil' Prince loves listening to Bible songs (especially FHU ambassadors) on itunes.  I decided today to let him look at the visualizer on itunes...  Seems pretty entranced to me.  We might try sitting outside in a bit. :o)

I'm so new at this so if you have any ideas please share.  Yesterday he was inconsolable!!  Cried all day pretty much.  

Today, I'm determined will be better!! :o)
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