Saturday, February 21, 2009

12 Year Old Speaks Out On the Issue of Abortion

If you have time to watch this video, it is amazing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crabitat Remodel

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Last night Jared thought it was time to clean/remodel the crabitat.  Above are some images of the end product.  Notice a crabbie peaking out of the Hermie Hut in the bottom left picture!  They run and hide when they get put back in their 'tat.  Once they feel safe they slowly come out and explore their new home.  This crabbie is the only crab exploring right now (the others are molting).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine and Girly Fun!!

A blurb about Valentine's Day:
Jared was great and took me around Jackson shopping and just doing anything I wanted to do.  We went to Target, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, and Books a Million.  We splurged and bought Guitar Hero 3 for both of us as a Valentine's Day gift to each other.  We weren't really that romantic this year.  With everything that has gone on we didn't secretly shop for each other.  So we just decided to get something we both liked on the day of.  Jared was sweet though.  He made me a card and put it by Grumbles when I was getting ready.  I could have taken a picture, but it was made out of a used red office folder :o) Hee hee.. the outside WAS a heart shape though!!  It didn't look like much but he put a lot of thought into what he wrote and that mattered more to me.
We decided to eat at Olive Garden which was PACKED!!  We were lucky we only had a 30 minute wait because we got there at 4 p.m.  Afterwards we wandered around some more and ended up at Maggie Moo's!!  What a date!! :o)  Won't do one like that for a LONG time, but it was Valentine's day after all!!  I think I gained 5 lbs!! HA!!

Ohh and the balloons...  Jared didn't know that I had never received a foil balloon before.  The day after Valentine's Day, Jared was in Wal-mart and picked these up.  I was napping after worship and he tied them to the end of the bed.  I saw them a few minutes later when I woke up and I was so surprised and happy!!!
We used Grumbles in our pictures again.  We were in our PJ's when I wanted to take a picture of our present.  Grumbles decided to be our stand-in!! :o)

Girly Fun at the Movies!!

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The picture above is of Becky, Me, and Sandy at the FHU movie theatre.  We went there Monday to watch Twilight!  We had a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed the movie.  It was fun hanging out with these ladies!  They are some of my best friends!  I wish more people could have joined us, but we had fun together.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Special Lunch and a Fun Night

I'm still alive!!  I know it's been over a week since my last post and I'm sorry.  I've read everyone else's blog, but I've been too lazy to update mine.  Recently, however, some neat things happened that I couldn't let go "unblogged".  

Special Lunch for Me from friends in I.T.
This past Thursday my I.T. friends got together to throw me an "appreciation lunch" to say "thank you" for filling in while one of my good friends, Arika, was on maternity leave.  I filled her shoes as Administrative Assistant in the I.T. offices at Freed-Hardeman University and loved every minute of the job!  I learned so much about technology and I think I made a lot of friends while I was there.  I think I've become a wannabe "techy geek"!  Love the stuff, but so much to learn!!  Anyway, back to the topic.  Thursday most of my I.T. friends came to Los Portales to eat with me!  They also gave me a card with a very nice gift card to Target!  Sweet :o)

I have fond memories of everyone in the office - whether on a good or bad day.  I was happy to work with them all.  

Pictured above:
The guy with the beard at the top loved to play practical jokes and he always gave me things from his garden!  The two ladies talking to each other, next to Arika, in the bottom left were often my lunch buddies.  We usually got our lunch from the local grocery store and ate in the car as we people watched.  I have a lot of stories I could tell about these two!!  I'm gonna miss them!  The man with the zombie face in the bottom right corner is purposely making that face!!  Sadly, I realized I didn't get a picture of Jonathan because he was helping me take pictures!!  I feel like shooting myself in the foot for this one.  Sorry Jonathan if you're reading this!!

Comments on pictures above: (left to right)
Top left - They thought there might be rumors of this pic.
Top middle - My lunch buddies!!  And since Arika wasn't there when I was - the only other women in the office.
Top right - Always Mr. Cool.
Bottom left - I worked with Greg, but also go to worship with his family.
Bottom middle - My boss (who set all this up for me); and my good friend Arika (she has her own blog too).
Bottom right - The one who tried to sneak outta all the pics.  His best friend was smart and he did get out of them by helping me snap some of these!  UGH!!

A Fun Friday Night

Today I learned that McDonald's had Hello Kitty watches in their Happy Meals so that's where I wanted to go eat tonight!!  I'm not a huge HK fan or anything, but they looked so cute on the internet when I saw them on my pursebuzz website that I visit.  I have my new watch pictured below on my pig, Grumbles.  (You know the stuffed pig I always lugg around?)

Jared also had tickets to see Twilight tonight!  I've been reading the books and since the FHU theatre was showing it tonight, he wanted to suffer through it for me.  I think he thought it was okay though and he will probably have a blog post about it soon.  I liked the movie.  The special effects could have been a little better, but it wasn't bad.  If you liked the story, you'll probably like the movie!!  I'm thinking maybe girls' nite if they show it Monday!!  It'd only be $2!! :o) Let me know what you think.


p.s. I named my fish.  I asked for help on the name in my last post and 3 people responded.  I actually named him "Gil"!  Thank you for all who helped me!!  It was fun reading your comments! 
Happy Valentine's Day in like 20 minutes!! <3>
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Night of Fishy!!

Jared and I went on a date last night!!  I was so excited because I had wanted to get out Saturday, but was too exhausted.  Jared told me he'd make time to go out Tuesday (last night) so we could eat and get some new fish for my aquarium.  I thought we'd probably eat fast food somewhere, but he surprised me by taking me to Sakura's!!!  What a wonderful hubby!!  :o)  He had the futomaki roll and miso soup while I had the crunchy roll and suki yaki don.  It's a noodle dish with beef, cabbage, mushroom, rice, etc on a bed of rice.  I was chowin' down once it came and forgot to take a picture.
After that we swung by Old Navy to do a return and then off to pick up my fish!!  We bought 3 new fish for the tank.  Another Cory Cat (I need help with a name!!), a tequila sunrise male guppy, and another rainbow type male guppy.  When we were in Petsmart, I told the guy what kind of rainbow type guppy I wanted.  He tried and tried to catch it, but couldn't.  I felt so bad for him I finally told him that it didn't matter - the one he had in the net would do.  I didn't realize until he plopped it in my fish bag that it was missing part of his tail.  I told Jared to look at it and he briefly looked up while playing with his iPhone and said it was fine and that he'd probably grow it back.  Once we got home I looked at it again and exclaimed - "Jared, he's missing 1/4 of his tail!!"  Jared looked at it and said that he didn't realize it was that bad.  I told him he never really looked at it in the first place.  I was sorta bummed that I got a defective fish, but Jared tried to cheer me up by telling me how "noble" I was for buying a fish that no one else would have bought.  He said that I had my own "Nemo" fish.  I told him that I wasn't noble (if I'm buying something; I want the best.)  He said he knew and I sighed.  So the fishy's name is "Nemo" and I think he'll do.

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I still need help coming up with a name for my new Cory Cat.  My other one that I have is named "Whiskers".  If you can help me think of a name, leave me a comment and when I pick a name I'll let you know.  The Cory Cat is pictured in the middle of the fish collage.  He is on a bed of blue rocks.  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Events

Whew, This weekend was packed full of events for me and Jared.  I was so glad that my body had the energy to last through it all.  Today I'm feeling the overexertion and I've been pretty tired, but I am happy that my medicine seems to be working and that I've had so many good improvements. 

Friday - I had the energy to actually do a ton of housework!!  The Christmas decorations finally got to me and I put them ALL up!!  I also vacuumed, did laundry, rearranged different parts of the house, and reorganized a closet!!  I felt like super Sasha!! :o)

Saturday - Mom Gott and Munner came for a short visit and took us out to lunch.  We had to wait for Eric to get off work so we passed the time by going to Besso's (I had the espresso gelato - yum), window shopping downtown, and hanging out at Freed.  Once Eric was off work we went to Los Portales for a late lunch.  May I just say, I'm so excited that we have this restaurant in Henderson!!! Below are a few pictures of our fun.  They were taken with Jared's iphone.
Munner and Mom Gott look at the bricks in front of the library to see who all they've met or know.  Jared and I find this funny because the bricks have been there forever and they've been on campus numerous times and hadn't seemed interested before.  Munner finally exclaims that it doesn't matter anyway because they're all dead!!  This was funny to me and I laughed really hard.  I hope it doesn't offend anyone that I put that.  You and I know that they are not ALL dead yet...
Mother and Daughter a.k.a. Munner and Mom Gott
Jared and my brother in law - Eric.  Eric does work study in the Library.  I was so glad he was done for the day because it was 2:30 and I was starving!!!  The black poodle is his dog... hee hee.  He'll hate me for telling people that!  Mom Gott brought it for him to see since he can't have it in the dorms.  I thought this picture was sorta picturesque... I like it a lot.
Me - Happy :o)
Sunday - After morning services we enjoyed lunch at Sharon and Clint Kea's house.  It was really good and Jared and I had fun visiting with them and the kids.  I wish I had taken a picture of the event, but I forgot my camera!!  Later we went to a youth fellowship in Corinth, MS for Jared to recruit.  We had worship at 4:00 and then at 5:00 we had a Superbowl Party.  If you didn't watch the Superbowl, the Steelers won.  I was rooting for the Cardinals, because they had never been to a Superbowl before.  They might have won had this player (I'm not good with their names) from the Steelers not made an interception and ran for 100 yds to make a touchdown!!  It was very impressive though and I'm glad that the Steelers guy was given the touchdown (it was reviewed a lot).  Had he ran all that way for nothing without a touchdown, it would have made me sad for him...  but he got it as the second quarter ended.  With the end of half-time, my enthusiasm for the game dwindled and I don't really remember much after that.  Here are some pics of the students that Jared and I met and hung out with.
Jared tries to give me his "look" because I took away his iphone to take all these pics... hee hee.. I love it when he tries to act angry! HA!!
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Making amends...

So it's been a few days since Stephanie started "Say Cheese".  As I said in my earlier post - I did not follow the rules.  I think I was the only one who was tagged that didn't snap the shot right when I read the post.  Like usual, I'm feeling bad...  None of my friends said anything about how I cheated, but I hate not following the directions.  So here are the following pictures of me at different times when I was playing with my photo booth on my Macbook.  These are all horrible and I hope they make you laugh.  I'll even add a bonus picture at the end of me in my pajamas.  That is how I prefer to spend my days if I'm going to just be around the house...  I will get a shower, yes, but if I know I'm not going anywhere, I will grab a t-shirt and comfy pants/shorts.  It's pretty pathetic, but I don't have to be a beauty queen when it's just me.. :o)
Top Left:  "Asian Alien"  Top Right:  " Sour faced Asian"
Bottom Left:  "Easter island"  Bottom Right:  "400 lb Sasha!!"
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Below:  Pajama Girl!!