Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lily is home!!


Born 5-20-09.
Tomorrow is Vet day. I'll get her weight then.
She is a maltipoo. 3/4 maltese and 1/4 poodle.
She's white with an apricot patch from left ear going down to left eye. Some apricot on right eye and a dot of it on her head. I always thought I would get pure white, but she was my favorite. The cutest and the most responsive to us.
She was fearless when she met us. Out of her two sisters she didn't shake at all. When we put her down she was the most active out of the litter. She even pottied on command when I wanted her to go before we left (I think that was a fluke).

Here are some pictures of her homecoming.

She played in my lap on the way home and then went to sleep in my arms. She was so good on the two hr. drive home!! She didn't whine once and she never pottied or got sick! Good car dog!!

First picture with her daddy!!

First time eating at her food/water station!

Got a dry piece... and liked it!

She loves her new stuffed duck toy!!

I'm using the Dr. Pepper can so my dad can see how big she is.

"Hmm.. this is a cold one Mommy!!"

Thankfully her nose didn't stick to the can!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Best Present EVER!!

A Long Time Ago... say a decade almost.

Sasha wanted a dog. But she didn't want just any dog. She wanted a Maltipoo to be exact!

She thought she would get one as a graduation present, maybe. But instead she got a husband.

Husband told her one day she'd get a puppy just like she had always wanted.

For almost three years they lived happily in an apartment with no puppy because the tidy landlords wouldn't have it.

Instead they had hermit crabs and fish as pets. As well as numerous stuffed animal pets.

After almost three years of marriage the husband bought Sasha a house! This was very exciting and wonderful to the happy couple. And though some might argue, getting a house was not Sasha's attempt to get a puppy.

A few months afterwards, some things made Sasha believe that she'd be happy to stay at home and work/keep house. This made her husband very happy, but he knew that she might need something more than hermit crabs and fish to keep her company.

Sasha reminded her husband frequently how happy she'd be with a little furry friend, but she didn't think she'd get one until....

Well see for yourself what she found out when she received some early birthday gifts from her parents in Oklahoma.

Sadie, Sasha's parents dog, is thinking "I thought she was done opening presents. What's so special about a basket that's behind a chair?"

Sadie jumps up... "Wow!! This is no ordinary basket!! It looks like dog stuff!! "

Sadie is peeking in to look at the goodies and find the dog that isn't in there.

Sadie wasn't that interested in poop pickup bags.

Sadie wants to know what else is in there!!

Finally Sasha had to put the crate down so Sadie could go in and examine for herself.

Sadie is confused. Sasha is ELATED!!

The husband told Sasha's parents that they could get her "puppy stuff" for her birthday.
Sasha thinks she has the greatest husband and mom and dad in the world!!

Sasha's mom and dad didn't want pictures posted of them this time... but they deserve to definitely be mentioned because...

Sasha went to the store to buy the last of the dog stuff today and it was pricey. She was good though and only bought necessities...

Tomorrow the husband will take her on an hour and a half journey to go look at some female Maltipoos. Hopefully if everything goes well, she will bring one home.....


A day before her birthday. (Which is Friday)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Past Celebrations Because I'm an Awful Blogger

So... I get pretty lazy when it comes to uploading pictures off my camera. I'm not a snap and upload person... more of a snap, snap, snap - wait a while - oh yeah, I'm behind on my blog person. So I've missed several events to blog about. Two were so important that I decided that late is better than never.

Event Uno: The 3rd Anniversary (leather)
Jared and I didn't do anything extravagant for our anniversary this year, but it was eventful. Before I retell some of the interesting things that happened, let me preface by saying that this Anniversary really brought things into perspective for me. It isn't what you do on this day or what you get that makes it so special. I'm happy that God put Jared into my life and made us one. Our anniversary was a time for us to reflect on our marriage and be thankful for what God has blessed us with. We've been through a lot this year with job changes, weight changes, medicine issues, an MRI, biopsies and endoscopies, buying a house, etc. Through all of this we've leaned on each other and have grown closer. I look forward to more fun times and will endure the hardships as I know we have a long way to go as we, Lord willing, have the blessing of a long marriage together.
Now onto what happened...
Some note worthy things things that happened (to name a few): We went to Jackson to watch the Pixar movie "Up!". When we got there, our theater looked like it hadn't been swept all day!! It was filthy!!! But that wasn't even the worst. Our movie stopped in the middle and went to those advertisement previews that you see before the movie starts! Then after about 10-15 minutes the movie started back but didn't start where it left off. THEY SKIPPED PART OF IT!!! It was a great movie, but I was so ticked at the theater and managers!! I'm thankful now that Jared is so laid back. He didn't let this get to him and since he was there I didn't hunt down any managers to gripe to...
No one even came and apologized. I was so outraged (mainly because we NEVER get to go to the movies!) I really wish there was a better theater to give them some good competition. In Tulsa, this theater wouldn't even last a week!! There are TONS of theaters there and all you really have to do is pick your time of movie and what street you want to be on. They are pretty much all clean places with nice seats, big screens, and good customer service!!
After aforementioned movie, we went to Sakura. Yum Sushi!! We even got the warm towels this time. Things were looking up!
Then it was off to the mall to find something leather-like to give to each other. FYI, Jared and I are trying to stick with the traditional anniversary gifts. The first year was paper, second cotton, and this was leather. Funny thing though, we thought that the third year was the wooden anniversary and had planned to get a porch swing. About two days before I found out that it was the leather anniversary. So that and some miscellaneous finances put a halt on the porch swing for now.
At the mall was this purse store that was having a HUGE sale because it was closing. We went in to browse and I saw a purse that I liked. I didn't do my usual hide the item and go look around to see if there was something better routine. It was getting close to closing time and I just BOUGHT IT!! When in the car, I got it out to put stuff in and one of the snaps fell off!! :o( That was not a happy time. I was upset. Jared was upset. It just wasn't good. We were sitting in Books-a-Million's parking lot when Jared decided he didn't want to look for himself a gift from me. We'd had a tough night.
All was eventually okay of course. Everything looks better after some sleep. We waited until the weekend and were able to exchange my purse for a flawless one :o) Jared found what he wanted online. He's getting a VERY nice leather journal. Sounds boring, but it's super nice and Jared LOVES notebooks! We also found Grumbles a girlfriend while we were at the mall!!
After squealing with joy from finding this new and brighter pig that looked like Grumbles, Jared reminded me of how we needed to be on a budget.... "BUT IT'S 70% OFF I WHINED..." I let it go though because he was right. Later I discovered that he had bought me the pig I wanted behind my back and hid it in the sack that had my purse in it!! I was so thrilled :D
We named Grumble's girlfriend, Truffles. They are dating, will become engaged, and I'm sure will have a wedding... hee hee... I KNOW, I'M WEIRD. There's just something about these stuffed pigs that brings out the child in me.

Event Dos: Jared's Birthday!
Jared is not normal. He does not care for a normal birthday celebration. OR A NORMAL BIRTHDAY CAKE!! His lack of excitement is rather disappointing. The one really exciting thing that happened was that his family came the day before to eat a birthday lunch with him. I was happy that Mom Gott brought an apple pie for Jared. But I was happier that I had not planned to fix one. Instead I made a cheesecake (not pictured). Jared had a really rare Beatles picture back in AL and his family framed this for his present. He bought more stuff online (what a surprise) from me. He got a few checks, and he wanted his present from my parents in March!! (An ESV study bible)

He is weird. But I love him. We don't agree on how we like to celebrate birthdays. I like presents - not gift cards as much. He likes money. I like my presents the day of and will save my cards and try not to ask for things months in advance. (A few days early because family couldn't be with me is okay... I have internal rules) He doesn't care and will get things way early or open things when he receives them. He's also so selfless as to spend his money on me at times!! He doesn't like birthday cake that much and I LOVE IT!! He wanted those store bought cookies instead of cake!!! I made something anyway for him. This was the first year that I only had a card and cheesecake for him because I kept asking what he wanted and he kept stalling because he didn't know. We did go out to eat the weekend before his birthday, because he had class from 5-10p.m. on his birthday. I had girls' nite but was going to skip because I didn't think it fair that I go out to eat and have fun while he had class. He didn't want me to miss this and so I had fun at Rafferty's while he sat in a boring class. I truly have an amazing husband. Very unmaterialistic at times and not caring if things are a certain way. Maybe I can learn to be more like him, but I still like celebrating birthdays and holidays in general.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon Trailer!!

Yay the New Moon trailer is out!  It officially went public Sunday, I think.  I can't wait to see it.  I know some people didn't like the Twilight movie.  I agree that it wasn't great quality.  BUT I love me some Twilight these days!!  And to those of you who hated the first movie - this one has a new producer.  We can cross our fingers, right?!

Anyway here it is.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stop Calling Me!!

I gave my cell phone number out on a form I filled out online - I know, I know...  I knew almost immediately my mistake, but I wasn't thinking and there you go.  

Today, I've started to get calls from the same 800 number.  I'm getting pretty annoyed at this (I answer and no one says anything) so I decided to look into blocking this particular caller.

I found out that AT&T offers a service that this would be included in, but it's an extra $5 / month.  I didn't want to do that, so I did this:

I added the number as a contact in my phone.  Its name is:  "Spam! Don't Answer!"  I even gave it the personalized ringtone of: "Silent".
I'm actually hoping they will call back again so I can see if it works!!  It should... :o)  

Hopefully, if this ever happens on your cell phone you can do the same thing. 

Hilarious Video - Must See!!

Watch this video.  Jared and I argued who was going to put it on their blog.  He showed this to me, but it was my idea to post it. However, if he posts it also - mine was up first!! Hee, hee... wherever you see it though - IT'S GREAT!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lotsa Pips!!

Pip - The name of the chipmunk on the movie Enchanted.  While the little critters that are scattering about here are actually squirrels, they remind me of Pip, the chipmunk.  And so that's what I think I'll call them - "Pips".

Here is Pip when he surprised me as I was looking out onto my back deck today.  It seems like every time I go outside or look out a window I see Pip.

Also, if I open my windows in the morning it sounds like a rainforest outside!  

Pretty cool.  I love the wildlife around here.  Just as long as it stays "out there"...  

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Process of Moving Into Our New Home!!

Well, we are finally in Lil' Yellow and I couldn't be happier.  I absolutely love it here!!  I'm so happy to be in and unpacked.  Below is a slide show that I put together for anyone interested.  You should be able to play it at your own pace by using the buttons to pause and go fwd or back.  Also, if you are interested in a slide, click it to make it bigger.  Or you can click the slideshow and view the pictures in my Picasa Web Album.  

We had a lot of help from a ton of family and friends to get in and get situated.  Jared and I are very blessed and fortunate to be able to have this place and all of the furnishings in it.  It will be a little surprising to see everything in the new house if you've seen our apartment before.

That said, we owe almost everything to our family and friends.  Without their generosity, we would not have a house so well filled.  I also appreciate the financial lessons that I picked up from my family.  My papa always told me, "Spend some, Save some, and You'll Always Have some".

But we all must remember that all of our material blessings come from God Almighty and that they are only temporary.  We have a home in heaven that is much better than any home we could ever make here on earth. 

Taking pictures was so fun, that I decided to take you on a virtual tour and make a video.  Warning - I used my trusty digital camera AGAIN and so you might be in for a bumpy view...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reminiscing Pictures

Bittersweet:  I sold my very first digital camera in Sandy's yard sale.  It was an ancient little thing.  Pretty powerful in its hay-day (when i was in high school!!)  I saved a few pics and put some of them in a slideshow of when I was at Freed.  My how times flies!!  Most of the pictures I have from college were not digital because my digital batteries would always run down and I just got tired of that and bought a regular camera.  These are a FEW of the many pictures I took while at FHU.

Please know that the "d" on "Saved" in my slideshow header didn't show up.  I guess it was too wordy...

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Time to Post a Few Missed Events

It's been a busy time at the Gott house.  We've been waiting to close on the yellow house.  First we were told, maybe we'd close LAST Thursday.  Then it was for sure Wednesday, for sure Thursday, most likely Friday, probably Monday, and now hopefully early next week!!  The waiting game is hard for us... (like it's easy for anyone else!)  On the bright side, I suppose it's been a good learning experience...  Keeps our expectations low, I guess.  And gives us a lesson in patience.  We know we will get the house, it's just a matter of when.  We should hopefully close next week.  Please say a little prayer that we do; we are suppose to be out of the apartment by the first.  I have a husband, a realtor, and two managers at the loan office pushing our gal along.  Hopefully she won't make anymore mistakes (she's made a lot!!)  Oh, and hopefully I don't get so upset that I decide to call her.  Jared has been handling these matters.  He's a lot calmer than me.  (For that I'm ever so grateful.)

And so now I have time to post the Events that I've meant to post earlier, but didn't...
First Event:

Bobby May's Benefit Brunch...

From Collages
Click on photo to enlarge

Jared and I sponsored a table and had some of our friends and coworkers sit with us at this event.  Bobby was one of my friends my first year and a half at Freed.  We were both in Phi Kappa Alpha together and shared some fun times.  Bobby died in a car wreck on his way home before Christmas in 2002.  Bobby was a great guy with a big heart and an amazing voice.  He was in the Ambassadors (a vocal group at Freed) and now there is a  scholarship in his name that raises money for them.  I'm happy that I was asked to be part of raising money for this year's event.

Makin' Music '09

From Collages
Click on picture to enlarge

Who's who in this from Left to Right:
*Brother in Law was a black in white character in XBX's show!!  
*The crew plus me who came from Gasden, AL to watch the show.  (Jared is missing because he was doing XBX's tunnel talk!)
*My alma mater club, PKA!!! And my cousin Justin was a wizard!
*The winning Makin' Music show!!  Whoo-hoo XBX!! (Let it be known that I will always be part red, BUT I am also biased to XBX since the Gotts are purple and gold)

Extra note that we just learned:  Eric (brother in law) earned a spot as a XBX Makin' Music director for '10!!  "Huzzah!!"

I Love Old Main...

The lighting for my favorite building on campus was just right.  If only I had snapped the tree and not its shadow!!

My Crabs Had a Growth Spurt!

They are so big now that I don't really handle them anymore... :o(

Lads to Leaders '09

From Collages
Click on pictures to enlarge

This year was our first year to attend the Lads to Leaders in Nashville.  We attend this event because Jared needs to be there for his job.  During the weekend he sees TONS of prospective students.  I get to go and tag along - what a perk!!

We stayed in the Opryland Hotel and were lucky enough to get a suite sized room!!  Literally it was HUGE!!  The Great Oaks congregation, out of Memphis was staying in the next room.  Ohh, how I love King Sized beds!!  I want one some day.  :o)  The scenery at this hotel is A-MAZ-ING!!  If you've never been, GO!!  Also, eat at Wasabi's!!!  We ate there TWICE!! :o)
The second time our friend, Frank paid..  

Other Noteworthy Tidbits:
Nemo and Sunshine - the guppies - kicked the bucket.  Ohh and one of the neons that we didn't find for days died also.  Actually the neon sorta decomposed.  I new he was missing but was so busy packing I didn't bother to look until I smelt him... Then I asked Jared to look.  Oh, Brave hubby who's nose doesn't work well... you can handle any smell!

At the yellow house, the Irises are just blooming.  I love that there are already flowers and plants in the yard.  I'll try to get a picture of stuff soon.

And the apartment is a disaster zone!  I will definitely update you on that process once we're outta here!!  A documentary, if anyone cares to look at it.  (I know my following is small)

So that's that.

Oh wait - a snapshot of me and Jared at the CrowHop Concert tonight.  We saw Eric Hutchinson perform.  I tried to take pictures but my little digital camera is just not powerful enough for me to post what it took!!  (I'll save it the embarrassment!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lil' Prince Likes Apples

 Aughhhh!!  Anything to keep a teething baby amused.  This is what I came up with for the next 10 minutes or so...

Lil' Prince loves listening to Bible songs (especially FHU ambassadors) on itunes.  I decided today to let him look at the visualizer on itunes...  Seems pretty entranced to me.  We might try sitting outside in a bit. :o)

I'm so new at this so if you have any ideas please share.  Yesterday he was inconsolable!!  Cried all day pretty much.  

Today, I'm determined will be better!! :o)
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Brother on the Drum Set

Here's one video as promised.  Below is "Cold Pressed" by David Hollinden.  This is the piece my brother did on the drum set.  It's 8 minutes long, but I didn't want to edit anything out of this one because it was the coolest.  I'll post clips of the others later.  They'll consist of a Snare piece, Marimba, Timpani, and a Trio (Marimba, Vibraphone, and Xylophone).  Beware, the video quality is bad and I'm sorry for that.  I need a camcorder.  :o)

Travels to See Families...

*Sigh* more random people like Jared's blog than mine.  Guess that's because my blog primarily is about what is going on with us.  His is about what's going on in his head.  I guess that would be more interesting... But anyway, this post is what HAS BEEN with us.  Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge.

At the end of our Spring Break (roughly two weeks ago).  We went to Alabama to celebrate Eric and Kara's (Jared's siblings) Birthdays.  We were also able to see Kara perform in a Winterguard competition in Georgia!!  She did such a good job!  Winterguard is basically for a competing group of people that can twirl, toss, catch,  and you name it to things like flags, rifles, and sabers!!  It is very impressive!!  Kara is one of the captains for her hometown Winterguard.  She is in an independent group made up of high school and college girls.  Training is rigorous and each weekend they compete somewhere.  I didn't get a good picture of her competing because I was sitting so far away in the stands.  There is a picture of her in the lower right of the below collage.
We went to Harding University last Thursday because Chandler - my brother - had his junior percussion recital.  Our family had been looking forward to attending this for over a year.  Most music majors only do a Senior recital.  Bragging here:  Chandler is so good that his professors wanted him to have a junior recital too!!  He definitely didn't disappoint!  Bragging again:  He is A-MAZ-ING!!  I'm glad that he is going to Harding because of the Christian aspect of the school.  Seriously though, he could have attended ANYWHERE with his talents.  Not only is he amazing at percussion stuff, but he has a mind for composing that you wouldn't believe!!  I have my B.A. in music, but I always feel stupid when talking to him.  It can be aggravating!!

Okay little brother - if you are reading this, don't get a big head!!  I still wish you would have come to Freed.  Snobby Harding Person!! :o)  J/K!!

From Recently Updated
Harding's facilities are impressive!!  Top left is their recital hall.  Top right is their new MUSIC BUILDING!!  I wish FHU would have had one of these...  I would have transfered to Harding my junior year had I not met Jared... <3>

Soon I will be sharing some bad quality videos with you.  I just have to put my money where my mouth is about my brother.  I have to crop the videos first though... I took a lot of them!!


Cousin Kevin, Chan Man, and Nana
From Recently Updated
Chan Man and Nana
From Recently Updated
Hubby, Chan Man, and Me
From Recently Updated
The Men
From Recently Updated
Mom and Dad and Chandler
From Recently Updated
Momma, Sober Sides, and Me
From Recently Updated
Really Good Pics of Mom and Dad...
From Recently Updated

I love my little brother and he puts up with me.  Guess he's not so little anymore.  :o(
From Recently Updated
We should be getting a closing date soon for Lil' Yellow.
It feels good to pretty much be only waiting for a closing date from our Mortgage Co.
I love driving by the house and checking on things.  Spring is here and below is a picture of an example of the pretty plants that were planted for us!!

From Recently Updated
Jared and I took some friends by Sunday afternoon and Ashley D. says this is a "Lily of the Valley".  I hope she is right, because those flowers are lovely.  I love how pure and delicate this plant looks!  The owners landscaped a lot with different things around the place.  I can't wait until everything blooms!!!! :o)

Thanks for reading!!  Makin' Music is this weekend.  Eric is in it and Mom Gott and Pop Gott are visiting.  I'm sure I'll have another family post soon!!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earnest Money: So much that I'm pretty protective over it!!

Earnest Money:  If you've bought a house before you know what this is.  Basically, by putting earnest money down you are saying that you are serious about buying something.  It's a good faith thing.  You aren't just going to up and walk away and leave the seller hanging.

When we finished the contract on lil' yellow we put a lot (for us) of earnest money in on it.  I was just going to put a little in at first, but Jared wanted to put more in.  He is the head and I'm totally trusting his lead on EVERYTHING!!!  

Tonight after worship I wanted to drive by the house and look at it.  When we arrived, a SUV of college girls was pulling into the drive way.  They jumped out of the car and I could tell they were excited about the house.  I could tell by their facial expressions that they really liked it.  My first reaction was HORROR!!!  I was so ANNOYED that they were looking at it.  I know that nothing is a SURE thing until you close.  I thought about the little trick of the earnest money thing and felt a little better.  I'm still nervous about people looking at it who want to buy it.  I feel as if we've put down so much money,  gone through so much paperwork, and interviewed so many people that it should be ours!!!  I guess one good thing to keep in mind is that it is sort of neat that other people are looking at the house.  I knew before we made the contract that there had been some calls interested in it.  Lord willing, I won't have to panic much more.  I'm so NERVOUS!!  This entire process is OVERWHELMING.  I almost feel as if I'm too young to be making such big money decisions!!  But both of our families are or have looked at it, we got an amazing inspector.... and most importantly we are PRAYING to God to help us in everything.  Hopefully, fingers crossed...  We shall see.

Ziggy, the Painting Pooch!!

Have you ever heard of a dog that paints?  This one does!!  Check out more by clicking here.
I've also embedded a video for your viewing pleasure!!  Ziggy makes more money painting then I think I could.  Maybe when I get a puppy it will paint for me!! HA!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking the Plunge and Buying our Dream House!!

Picture Copied from Real Estate Website

Incase you didn't know, I'm pretty sure yellow is the official U.S. color of 2009.  I think it has something to do with yellow being a happy color :o)  Evidently the fashion gurus thought that in our dim economic depression yellow might help our spirits... (don't quote me on that!)

Well like any fashion diva (yeah right) I have decided that I'm going to not only wear the color of the year, but LIVE IN IT!!! :o)  HUZZAH!!!  


My name for the color of our new abode is buttercream yellow.  It is a beauty and we are both in love with it.  I never thought I'd get my "dream home" so soon.  It was just by chance that I mentioned we were looking to rent and one of my girl friends over heard me and told me about this one.  I don't think we will have to do hardly anything to get it "picture perfect".  I can't wait until we finally close!!  It should be very soon.  We will, Lord willing, be living in our new lil' yellow house by the end of April!!  Below are some pictures for your curiosity... ;o)  If you're interested, you can click on all the pictures to see them really big!!

Below are Pictures from the Real Estate Website!!

From Collages

Lil' Yellow has 3 Bedrooms and 2.5 Bathrooms.  It is about a block away from the Church Building and I can see FHU from my front porch!! Everything has been remodeled and is new (thus the reason we don't have to do anything).  The house itself is an older home, but I think that's what makes it so lovely.

Dream Location Below:

From Recently Updated

Below are some pictures of different things that I love...
From Recently Updated

Ramblings from left to right:  I'm loving the big front porch (with hooks for my porch swing that I've always wanted!!) and all new, black appliances!!   New showers (Ohh, apartment living memories...)  This place has two pedestal sinks and antique looking stuff all over the place!!  Love the fireplace and the cool brass cover thing!!  My bathroom chandelier is glorious!!  Ohh so soft Frise carpet (this was Jared's favorite when he used to carpet clean.  He says it's super nice and easy to clean!!)  The sink in the Utility room!!  Big wooden plantation Blinds!! :o) :o)

Okay.  If you've made it through all of my bragging without getting sick - HUZZAH!!  And I hope you aren't sick of me.  One last time though... The little yellow house that is about to be ours....

From Recently Updated
 I'm so excited!!!! :P