Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lily is home!!


Born 5-20-09.
Tomorrow is Vet day. I'll get her weight then.
She is a maltipoo. 3/4 maltese and 1/4 poodle.
She's white with an apricot patch from left ear going down to left eye. Some apricot on right eye and a dot of it on her head. I always thought I would get pure white, but she was my favorite. The cutest and the most responsive to us.
She was fearless when she met us. Out of her two sisters she didn't shake at all. When we put her down she was the most active out of the litter. She even pottied on command when I wanted her to go before we left (I think that was a fluke).

Here are some pictures of her homecoming.

She played in my lap on the way home and then went to sleep in my arms. She was so good on the two hr. drive home!! She didn't whine once and she never pottied or got sick! Good car dog!!

First picture with her daddy!!

First time eating at her food/water station!

Got a dry piece... and liked it!

She loves her new stuffed duck toy!!

I'm using the Dr. Pepper can so my dad can see how big she is.

"Hmm.. this is a cold one Mommy!!"

Thankfully her nose didn't stick to the can!!


Stephanie said...

She blends into the carpet!!! Reminds me of Noodle when we first brought her home - how big will she get? I know you are excited - Congratulations, Mom!!!:)

Mindy said...

AAHHH! I love her! And I love her name! Good choice! She's so stinking adorable. You guys will be soooo happy with her in the house. Keep on taking pictures of her while she's pint-sized. In a few months, it'll be hard to remember her so small. :) Congratulations, Momma Gott!!

PS. I love the new blog layout, too! It looks great!

Earl Gearl said...

She is sooooo cute! She reminds me of a dog we had for a while when we first got married. A maltese named Millie.

Sandy said...

I love her!!!!!!!! I want to hold her!!! I'm so glad you got the way...what's her name?? Did I read it and just not pay attention! She's very cute! Yay!

Sandy said... was the title...haha!! I like Lily!